Artistic farms has been the agricultural division of Artistic Iron Furn. Mfg., Inc. since its inception. From a modest start of selling fruits amd vegetables from a produce stand on the front of the Guide Meridian property. Artistic Farms evolve into selling bedding plants, potted flowers, and hanging baskets to various wholesale and retail outlets in Washington, and Alaska.

In order to compete against larger producers, innovative marketing techniques were implemented to increase profits and sales for retail outlets, and Artistic Farms gained a foothold in the industry as an innovator of new marketing strategies.

In 1979, research was begun on the development of a Pepino which would set and ripen fruit in Lynden, Washington.

In 1987, a genetic mutation occurred on a specific branch of a specific Pepino plant grown by Artistic Farms which allowed the Pepino plant to acclimate and set fruit. Not only did the plant set fruit, but the fruit was of a far superior nature to any Pepino being produced in the world. It had a much sweeter flavor with no astringent after taste typical of the Pepino.

On Sept. 3, 1991 US Plant Patent #7643 was granted to Ismael Gomberoff for his Cascade Gold variety of Pepino.

Our gift product, this three pack of Cuke-Asaurus Horned Fruit is the perfect gift for loved ones for any special occasion. Horned Fruit, The Fruit of Paradise, is a highly nutritious fruit that is high in Magnesium, Potassium, and Fiber. The fruit will last up to a year on the kitchen table, ensuring that your loved ones know they're loved year-round! The box contains many recipe suggestions, from delicious desserts to breakfast smoothies to cocktails perfect for any gathering of friends and family!





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