Artistic Iron Furniture Manufacturers, Inc

In 1972, after extensive world travel, Mr Ismael Gomberoff settled in the Pacific Northwest and pioneered the wrought iron furniture business in Washington State. Artistic Iron Furniture Mfg. soon evolved from making furniture to creating plants stands and assorted products, for which Mr. Gomberoff holds several patents. As the business grew, sales moved from small operations to major regional national chains such as J.C.Penney, Safeway, Fred Meyers, K-mart, and Albertsons. Incidentally the buyers of the plants stands for food store chains are the produce dept. with whom there is now a 35 yr. working relationship.

In 1978, Artistic Iron was incorporated in the State of Washington, and is currently celebrating its 35 st. year in business.

Artistic Iron has been very influential in the US in the marketing of products in more efficient and profitable ways. In 1978, the Gourmet Corner was introduced at a trade show in Chicago by Artistic Iron. It took advantage of space that was being wasted at the end of isles in the food stores (end Caps). Instead of selling an insignificant amount of product to a store to put on its shelf, which had to be constantly re-stocked, an end cap merchandiser display was constructed to fill the non utilized space. It properly displayed an entire line of products, which were inventoried in the lower half of the display, within easy reach of the consumer. It greatly increased manufacturers volume and profits by the insertion of a whole line of goods into the market. It also increased sales volume for the stores due to proper display of merchandise, and increased efficiency for shelf stockers. Today virtualy every end cap has a display of this nature.


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Headquarters: P.O. Box 262 Lynden WA 98264, U.S.A.